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34 Replies to “Gintama Anime Ending [BIGGEST TROLL MOMENT] FULL HD|”

  1. Woah at the first i was thinking who is that guy then i realized its shimpachi ….then i thought how cool😲😲😲…but in the end shimpachi went to pool 😂😂😂😂😂😂his cool ended at the spot

  2. even the manga is over i dont want the anime to be over, after the final arc, the studio can just make filler for it and make it into comedy slice of life, people still gonna watch it, because the comedy is 10/10 the fans love it. I started watch gintama not because the awesome arc but because the comedy, i hope gintama continue entertain us l, we need it 🙏😂

  3. According to Gintama's extra chapter, which views some chats, apologies & next work talk + a final Ginpachi-sensei lesson, @Sorachi never "lied" whenever he made a statement about ending. Nor did he had the intention to delay/extend/drag out the ending. He was wholeheartedly working towards the ending he desired for the series like a professional, along with playing SEKIRO xD

  4. Holy shit I never watched the last episode. This is great. Especially the self awareness of the shinsengumi stuff lul

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