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This video shows a COMPLETE guide on how to get Windows 8.1 from scratch for FREE!
This method will require you to have at least 8 GB of USB flash drive
No pesky windows hack tool downloads are included so this is 100% SAFE
Just follow the instructions correctly and you should have 0 problems

*The bonus step is optional and you are not required to do so*

Download Windows 8.1 Disc Image (ISO File)

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

ei.cfg (copy & paste)

activate.cmd (copy & paste)

Au5 – Crossroad (ft. Danyka Nadeau)
Julian Calor & Aiobahn – Time


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39 Replies to “GET WINDOWS 8.1 FREE 2019/2020”

  1. hey I have window 8 and I followed these steps to update from window 8 to window 8.1.. I have a question before installing this..the whole important data in my computer ..Will this deleted or not?'s really imp..plz help me..I don't wanna take risk of deleting this

  2. hi, i have a problem. After I shut down the laptop and turn on, it didn't send me to the booting area, im still stuck with windows 8 help

  3. Hi! I need a help from 4:19 did you enter or exit after seeing usb-hdd??? I’ll wait for your respond and thank you.

  4. Thank you XeQT it helps a lot…i did it with my windows server 2012 r2 i use 64 bit and now my pc can use wireless adapter…..ciao 😀

  5. i have a question though, how i can i easily download a good driver for my dell laptop x. x

    i had nvidia nvs 3100m installed before i upgraded windows and now i dont have any driver besides the 32 default

  6. it worked i didn't format my disc and all my files got a virus called .pezi and it requesting me a ransom of 980$ to decrypt my files luckily i had a back up so please remove these video and stop hacking peoples computers

  7. it says sorry the connection to my kms server failed try connecting to another one then under it says sorry your version is not supported Any Fix for dis ??

  8. Hi i have a bit of problems when i go and personalize it doesnt show me the configuration of a lot of things like wifi can someone help pe please

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